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The Team

We are a group of engineers who like to derive the hidden equations behind human behavior  ... specifically behavior related to professionals and the companies they work for. We like to collect, clean and analyze data, discuss/argue, hypothesize the cause of such behavior, model, predict and confirm the accuracy of our models. 

We are looking for team members who have the following traits

a) Can combine technical knowledge, business expertise and creativity


Here is an example - Business problem - Huna Makia needs a logo. The logo needs to be attractive , distinct and memorable.  Our engineers came up with a mathematical formulation  that attracts human beings (its a secret)  that resulted in the design of the current logo. Its creative, involves technology and solves a business problem.

b) Innately curious

Its not our questions rather yours that show how curious you are. So ask us questions

c) Will to learn

Don't know Hadoop, Terra data, Solar, Scala, Spark  .....  . Its OK. We don't work with such legacy technologies anyway. You will learn the next generation of Big Data technologies (its a secret). We would rather prefer you don't bring the baggage of older  legacy technologies.  We will help you  learn the next generation technologies.

d) Emergent leadership skills

Not leading is not an option.  Failure however is acceptable. You will be expected to take the initiative and run with/without anyone on your team.  Passion is important.  So what are you passionate about ?

Business Development

You will be required to create channel partnerships. Huna Makia would like to explore partnering with CRM vendors to promote its Engage application. How will you go about finding the relevant parters.  The partners have several startups vying for their attention. How do you plan to differentiate and get  their attention. 


Sales - Direct

How will go about converting individual subscribers of Engage and Recruit products to enterprise deals ?  


Tell us how you will solve this problem -  Huna Makia has identified an algorithm to predict when a professional is likely to leave a job (check out the app). If you were to solve this problem, how will you go about it?  Make all necessary assumptions about available data sources and computing resources. Your response will be assessed based on the approach and evaluated based on the criteria mentioned above.


Huna Makia redefines marketing.  Unlike traditional marketing,  we qualify and identify our target professionals first and then engage them. We engage prospective lead adopters and nurture fast followers. The rest of the professional world is ignored. This is more targeted approach unlike the traditional cast a wide net approach.

a) Assume you are provided with a small list of top targets  - rank ordered with the lead users (who  likely have budgets) at the top. How will you plan your marketing campaigns to reach a small group of high value targets

b) Huna Makia has a good amount of information about businesses and professionals - company growth, # of star performers, # of early adopters etc.  What content will you generate from the professional and company data to help with your above campaigns

Don't bother sending us your resume. We will find your profile online and contact you if we need more details. We are however interested in learning more about the person behind the resume and offer you a glimpse into the type of challenges we solve at Huna Makia.  Please select the group that best fits your interests, try solving the challenge and email us your response to  jobs @

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